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ASR Subframe Reinforcement Brace w/ Swaybar

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ASR subframe reinforcement kit with swaybar is the ultimate startup kit for your suspension needs. This kit gives you the best of what ASR has to offer and is what ASR is known for. Since 2005 ASR has been providing the Honda/Acura community with high performance rear swaybar setups and continues to be the industry leader in its field. This kit can be adapted for all aspects of the automotive community from show cars to full blown race cars.

When choosing a swaybar for your needs it is important to know what your ultimate goal is as for every setup is different and will provide different handling characteristics to your vehicle.



- Precision Hi-Tensile Steel Alloy, Cold-Formed and Tempered for Long-Lasting Performance and Durability

- ASR D-bracket bushings

- ASR billet aluminum D-brackets

- Energy Suspension grease


ASR 24mm Swaybar (Street/Track)

The ASR 24mm swaybar is the perfect bar for a those looking for a startup setup. It features a swaybar that is the same dimensions and look as a OEM swaybar but is significantly stiffer due to its increased diameter.

ASR 1" Hollow Swaybar (Street/Track) (DISCONTINUED)

The ASR 1" hollow bar is the first of its kind. Featuring a hollowed out core this bar is significantly lighter than our 24mm swaybar. The 1" swaybar also keeps the same dimensions as a OEM swaybar but is even stiffer than our 24mm swaybar due to the increased diameter.


Swaybar Rate Comparison

     OEM ITR 22 mm Bar 

          Measured bar rate:

          P1 = 51 N/mm (292 lbs/in)

          Bar weight: 3.78 kg (8.4 lbs)


     OEM ITR 23mm Bar

          Measured  bar rate:

          P1 = 60 N/mm (347 lbs/in)


     ASR Gray bar: 23.8mm (.937 in) Solid, 2 Position adjustable

          Measured bar rate:

          P1 = (414lbs/in)
          P2 = (507lbs/in)

          Red bar weight: 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs)


     ASR Red bar (DISCONTINUED) : 25.4 mm (1 in) Hollow, 3 position adjustable

          Measured bar rate:

          P1 = 73 N/mm (418 lbs/in) 
          P2 = 94 N/mm (533 lbs/in) 
          P3 = 111 N/mm (630 lbs/in) 

         Red bar weight: 3.15 kg (7.0 lbs)



Subframe Brace with Swaybar

1 - ASR subframe reinforcement brace

1 - ASR subframe brace hardware kit

1 - Instructions

1 - ASR 24mm or 1" anti-sway bar

2 - ASR D-bracket bushings

2 - ASR billet aluminum D-brackets

1 - Energy Suspension grease

1 - ASR Endlink Kit





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