About Us

ASR comes from a humble background that began making the first subframe braces out of a garage. It all began with running a big bar (EK9) on a stock civic EK subframe to nobody's surprise today tore the subframe from its welds. This led to the first subframe brace to be tested on Charlestons' 2000 Honda Civic EX Sedan. Many individuals saw the use of this product and it slowly became an essential upgrade on the Honda Civic chassis to where Charleston had to begin his business A-Spec Racing.

Manufacturing and Testing

ASR designs every product using the latest CAD software and manufactures using the state of the art CNC machines by HAAS here in the USA. Our brace is made of 6061 grade aluminum by Alcoa to ensure consistency and top level quality. We also extensively test each ASR product prototype on various race tracks in the United States before bringing the product to the market. The ASR brace and anti roll bar has become the number one choice for serious enthusiast and racers worldwide.

ASR Product Development:



Subframe Brace design  
A larger rear anti-roll bar is one of the most significant upgrades you can do to reduce understeer to any front wheel drive car. However, due to a thinner gauge steel used on many popular Honda and Acura in the 1990s, these vehicles will suffer subframe damage when upgrading to a larger anti roll bar. The ASR subframe reinforcement brace for Honda and Acura vehicles was created to significantly reduce the chance of tearing of the rear subframe. The design focus is to reduce anti roll bar attachment point stress by distributing the load over a wider area. This was accomplished by using the lower control arm bolt as the anchoring point. Then we further strengthen it by using a wide billet plate which became the signature of our design. The plate not only ties the two ends of the subframe together but more importantly it locates all the mounting points and prevent them from shifting under load. Lastly, contoured machined billet backing plates further reduces stress on the subframe mounting points. All these design elements greatly reduce the stress associated with the subframe when larger rear anti-roll bar is equipped.


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