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ASR Subframe Brace w/ 32mm Hollow Swaybar

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ASR subframe reinforcement kit with 32mm hollow swaybar is the ultimate startup kit for your suspension needs. This kit gives you the best of what ASR has to offer and is ASR's flagship product. Since 2005 ASR has been providing the Honda/Acura community with high performance rear swaybar setups and continues to be the industry leader in its field. This kit can be adapted for all aspects of the automotive community from show cars to full blown race cars.

This hollow bar and subframe reinforcement kit meets SCCA and NASA regulations for those who are looking to shave fractions of a second off their lap times. This bar is ASR subframe mounted for rigidity and longevity. This kit comes with the ASR subframe brace kit because it is needed in order to prevent subframe tear out.

When choosing a 32mm hollow bar wall thickness it is important to know what your ultimate goal is as for every setup is different and will provide different handling characteristics to your vehicle.

This kit uses the same ASR aluminum-delrin pillow block design combination that comes with all our hollow bar kits. The ASR delrin pillow block inserts are replaceable for maintenance unlike the more traditional pillow blocks people are used to, which are fixed and the inserts are non replaceable after they are worn out.

ASR billet machined aluminum arms are designed with adjustability in mind as well. The slotted or drilled holes allows the user to mount the supplied ASR endlinks in the optimum 90 degree/perpendicular angle to allow for greater load transfer from one side of the vehicle to the other.

The ASR shaft collar is also made of billet aluminum due to the materials lightweight properties and strength.


  •  Heat treated 4130 Chromoly
  •  Varying wall thickness for different applications
  •  ASR machined aluminum arms
  •  ASR machined aluminum pillow block brackets w/ delrin ball bushings
  •  ASR machined aluminum shaft collars


 Bar Applications:

.095 Hollow Swaybar (Bumpy Track/Hi-Speed Course)

.120 Hollow Swaybar (Longer wheel base vehicle, Short Technical Course)

.188 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Mid-Speed Course)

.250 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Low-Speed Course)



  • ASR subframe reinforcement brace
  • ASR subframe brace hardware kit
  • ASR Hollow Swaybar
  • ASR machined aluminum arms
  • ASR machined aluminum pillow block brackets w/ delrin ball bushings
  • ASR machined aluminum shaft collars
  • ASR Endlink Kit
  • Install Instructions





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