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ASR EF/DA 32mm Hollow Swaybar Kit

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The number 1 swaybar preferred by club racers and professional race teams. The ASR 32mm hollow bar kit is engineered to meet SCCA and NASA class regulations.

The bar is frame rail mounted for maximum rigidity and enhances turn in response. The brackets are made of 3/16 laser cut mild steel and the triangulated shape gives superior stiffness and light weight. The  integrated slots in the brackets allows for width adjustments to accommodate chassis tolerances. 

This kit uses the same ASR billet aluminum and spherical delrin pillowblock combination that comes with all our hollow bar kits. The ASR delrin pillow block inserts are replaceable for maintenance unlike the traditional pillow blocks, which are fixed and non rebuildable.

Our billet machined aluminum arms are designed with adjustability in mindl. The slotted or drilled holes allows the user to mount the supplied ASR endlinks in the optimum 90 degree/perpendicular angle to allow for the greatest load transfer from one side of the vehicle to the other.

Note: This is a NO COMPROMISE design which means it may require exhaust modification for clearance.

 Bar Applications:

.095 Hollow Swaybar (Bumpy Track/Hi-Speed Course)

.120 Hollow Swaybar (Longer wheel base vehicle, Short Technical Course)

.188 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Mid-Speed Course)

.250 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Low-Speed Course)



1 - ASR Hollow Swaybar

2 - ASR machined aluminum arms

2 - ASR machined aluminum pillow block brackets w/ delrin ball 

2 - ASR machined aluminum shaft collars

2 - ASR frame mounted steel brackets

1 - ASR Endlink Kit





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